About the brand
The brand has been known in Europe for more than 20 years. Half of this period, she also conducted in the Russian market, including. Almost every star of the national stage and cinema can boast a product from the assortment of this producer. Which is completely justified: his things are distinguished by the freshness of ideas and the originality of their presentation.
In the catalog of fashionable things of the company – a huge choice:
blouses and shirts;
Trousers, breeches, capris, shorts;
Dresses are an indispensable category for any self-respecting designer from Italy;
skirts of all kinds, styles and colors;
costumes and accessories.
In total there are more than a hundred items in the assortment, and the manufacturer does not intend to stop yet. The key quality of the brand is its readiness to develop. Indeed, despite the recognition in their own country and far beyond its borders, the trademark does not consider itself to be participants in the elite clothing market, although its products have long been classified to the “premium” class with the mark “a priori.” But the factory itself does not fancy a star of the market, and therefore artificially does not increase its prices, which is very encouraging to its regular fans.