Brand Unique

Brand Unique

Brand Unique is clothes for young and created by young. Therefore, Unique clothing always has a creative design, fresh ideas and bright colors.
The main secret of Brand Unique’s crushing success is that the brand never tries to copy other people’s ideas. No wonder that Unique employs a whole staff of talented young designers, working day and night to create a unique style. For this, Brand Unique worships not only simple women of fashion, but also discerning celebrities: almost every modern star has a couple of items from the Italian brand in her wardrobe!

The Brand Unique collection, which presents products of a higher level and value, is considered one of the most valuable gems in the crown of Italian fashion.
As an example, the collection Meadham Kirchhoff, Jonathan Saunders, Louise Goldin, Mark Fast, Todd Lynn, Marios Schwab, Mary Katrantzou.


In 2005, Unique became involved in Milan Fashion Week. Unique – can be translated as “unique.” This is indeed a special case in the entire history of fashion. Brand Unique is the only representative of High Street Fashion, whose collections are regularly shown at Fashion Week.

On the Italian Fashion Week Brand Unique, in general, with special rights: here it has a separate location, where the most interesting and promising designers show their collections. Brand Unique is a kind of laboratory for Topshop, fashion designers experimenting with clothing design, embodying their wildest ideas.

Brand Unique clothing models manage to simultaneously reflect world fashion trends and set new heights of fashion style. Street fashion, 90s fashion, layering, prints, carelessness – everything is about Unique style. Working with young and famous designers, the brand has gathered a whole legion of fans, not only in Italy, but throughout the world.