About us

We sell wholesale clothing of various Italian brands. Our team will help you easy and with much pleasure make purchasing from Italian brands and manufactories of clothing, shoes and accessories. On our site we create full and detailed catalogues of the products, and we update it weekly. With us you will easily make preorder of collections of upcoming seasons or renew your assortment from pronto moda segment. Our best and the most popular suppliers are Roberta Biagi , Cristina Gavioli, Mangano, Babylon, Denny Rose, Animagemella, Giorgia&Jhons, Imperial, Rinascimento, Maryley, Mary D’aloia, Nila Nila, Spaziomoda, Plums, Relish, Sorbino,  Patrizia Pepe, Ynot, L’estrosa and much more. The list of our suppiers grows and updates daily.

We work our big and united team to provide you the best service ever: we take orders via our site, respond your any questions in any messenger you want, we buy out the orders and we collect it and pack personally, we send packages weekly and we answer your any question within an hour during the working days.
We are your best shopping in Italy!