Known to all generations brand ADD – produces high-quality outerwear. Few people can boast of such an audience and high quality goods. The clothes made by this company are remarkably adapted to the weather conditions.

ADD – combines two principles

beautifully comfortable
warm and comfortable
What makes it with a professional approach. ADD jackets are the lightest in the world. In the assortment, you can find any element of outerwear, starting with waistcoats with down to a long coat. The brand uses the latest production technology.

The history of the brand is quite short. The company made its first steps in 1999, founder John Gray, came to create its own brand. The designer, already known by that time, managed to get a partnership with Luciano Barbera, Loro Piana. These relationships were not in vain. Gray made his name himself. Today he is the independent and independent owner of ADD.

The first assistant was Giovanni Kiko, who actually creates the models of the company. And thanks to this fact, the brand has a large number of business partners. After this collection, the company’s products began to fill stores around the world.

Why is ADD? The answer is simple: firm cut and excellent quality of goods give the brand ADD the right to be called a leader. Marketers have developed new directions. Another bonus from the brand was recognizable, bright and never out of fashion red color.

In each new collection of down jackets, the presence of models of colors is required. A down jacket for an adult medium-sized man weighs up to 400 grams and easily folds up to the size of a small female handbag in which you can put this product. Innovative production techniques have made even the most famous brands in the production of outerwear reflect on their competitiveness.

The hood is always sewn so that when it is not needed you can easily remove it, the buttons are not visible to strangers. All these little things make a fake this brand is simply impossible. And it can only please regular customers and brand lovers. In order to make their products accessible to all, the company has placed its production in China with constant quality control of goods.

Reasonable prices. Beautiful models made of quality materials that are comfortable to wear – this is the main philosophy of the brand. Sparing neither time nor energy, designers with each new collection never cease to amaze and delight their fans.