Alice Pi

Brand History
Since 1968, the style of Alice Pi is recognized by very unusual solutions. Designers with Italian temperament mix different, sometimes contrasting textures, mix shades, decorate flounces, author’s embroideries and exquisite accessories. As a result, each season, on the choice of parents and their little princesses, exclusive capsules are offered – from romantic dresses in the style of new bow and flirty sarafans a la hippie to neoclassical blouses and skirts, elegant jackets and trousers.

ALICE PI is the brand produced and distributed by FELICE SRL, an Italian company that produces clothing for boys and girls from 2 years to 16 years; dream dresses for small women, designed and made in Italy, with excellent fit and Italian fabrics.
Our product range is medium-high, and our customers appreciate us for the excellent quality / price ratio, the elegant and modern look and the excellent service. In every collection we present elegant items suitable for every type of ceremony but also other more fashionable and casual for every occasion.
Besides Italy, Alice Pi is sold in the Netherlands, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Ukraine, Spain and England.

The new 2016/2017 collection made entirely in Italy has two main mood:
Romance: clothes, made with precious fabrics like lurex, sequins and tulle, characterized by new romantic fantasies and shades of pink. Contemporary: small women ALICE PI are also rock as well as romantic, in fact more like dark colors like black, gray, red and touches of blue and green which are declined in more spirit fantasies. Suits, pants, sweatshirts floral patterns provide the perfect outfit for everyday.

With all the variety of forms, the content remains impeccable – in addition to the “bright design idea” Alice Pi is 100% loyal to exclusively natural materials and progressive cutting technologies. The young woman of fashion will soon grow out of her favorite dress, than she will lose the “perfect appearance”.
The Italian brand Alice Pi is known for its exclusive design solutions.

The company produces clothes for small princesses from 1 year to 14 years. The recognizable style of Alice Pi will appeal to moms and their children: things combine different in texture materials and are decorated with author’s embroideries, many models are complemented by accessories. Especially famous for this brand of quality and beautiful tights, socks and tights.