Almagores — don’t imitate, be your self.

Clothes from Italy — Almagores — is stylish, glamours and modern. Designers of the company create each new collection with pure Italian temper, new trends and modern women demands. Gracious, tender items are created by the best Italian tailors in the best Italian traditions.

Unique character of brand Almagores

•Each collection is distinctive, bright and original, there are no limits or standards, just pure freedom to express yourself.
•Designers take the inspiration out of romance with slight addition of rock style.
•The quality and style of collections are dynamic and never grew old fashion.
•Designers combine different fabrics and textures in the same item of clothing to create interesting models.
•Nice range of colors and adorable prints.
•The assortment is full of everyday clothes and models for the special occasions. Skirts, blouses, outer garments, accessories and many others.

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