Amelie Folies

Amelie Folies – the universe of slylish clothing

Amelie Folies – this brand of clothing from Italy is created for those love freedom, beauty, for people ready to take everything of the moment. Designer of this brand highlights modern living, full of popularity, unpredictable. This clothing fits well for casual relaxed living, also it suites perfect for office and parties.

Unique character of brand Amelie Folies

  • Bold decisions and truly Italian temper are the things to make each women look stylish and sexy.
  • Elegant designer solutions with bright prints, beads and crystals make this clothing stylish and eye catching.
  • Combination of different fabrics, unique cutting, and high quality of sewing make altogether great effect of posh and elegancy .
  • Clothing designed for women ready to experiment and create ones’ own style.
  • Women hats, bags, gloves, posh clothes and accessories are the wide assortment that will fit any lady of fashion.



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