Gives ladies the opportunity to always be in the spotlight. Beautiful, light, feminine silhouettes of the model are similar to works of art. Products of this brand set the tone and help to create bright and complete images for their fans. The brand is created on the principle of “Right from the podium to the wardrobe”. The mission of Bubys is to transfer the elements of haute couture into the outfits at affordable prices. The creative team of the brand since the day of its appearance employs professionals of their business famous designers have achieved love among their fans, thanks to diligence and diligence. In work only natural materials, plenty of flowers, bright prints, the use of hand embroidery. Each model is carried out on the correct pattern, each small detail is thought over. And the most important thing is the correspondence of price and quality. Bubys is elegance, lightness, brightness and sexuality.


The woman in BUBYS outfits feels stunningly beautiful regardless of her status and wealth. She doesn’t just look at the star outfits in glossy magazines, on billboards and TV. She also has the opportunity to update her wardrobe at an affordable price with stylish, modern and elegant clothes that will give her a sense of belonging to the starry life.

The brand offers bows for carefree beach and city holidays: swimsuits, tunics, pareos. Light flowing skirts, blouses and suits in ethnic style will not go unnoticed at a cocktail party or a boat trip.

Separately, it is worth noting the original bold decisions for everyday images: dresses and sundresses with intricate prints and an interesting combination of textures. The line is supplemented by author’s bags and accessories, which perfectly resonate with the mood of the main collection.


Advanced design technologies are the basis for the creation of collections, taking into account the latest fashion trends. The products of the brand are equally perfect on the outside and inside, which is characteristic of premium products. Progressive methods and experience in the production of the most complex models allow us to use the original eclectic cut, the latest textured fabrics, accessories and accessories. Own full-scale production provides multistage, total quality control at all stages: from the creation of models and purchase of materials to the receipt of products in stores. All BUBYS products are controlled at each stage of production and executed in accordance with the requirements of international standards.


A successful and popular worldwide brand that has won the hearts of not only ordinary customers, but also world celebrities. Theatre and movie stars, world-famous singers and famous people of show business choose BUBYS brand for appearance on podiums and red carpets. Kelly Rowland (American singer and actress) in a BUBYS costume from the new SS2017 collection at the Sirius XM Radio show in New York