The Italian brand Celebrities was founded in 1996 with the direct participation of the current Chief Technologist of INCANTO FASHION GROUP Claudio Magnani. The original name, associating with the era of the “Golden Age”, exquisite design, attention to detail and impeccable quality – all this contributed to the fact that currently every third woman in Italy leaves her choice on Celebrities. Elegant, stylish, attractive brand has been known in the fashion market since the late 1990s and is a success with women.

Designers of the collection create high-quality and convenient, beautiful and comfortable products, offering their fans affordable prices for products. The range of Celebrities includes only the most popular demanded models, bestsellers that are in steady demand for women: from practical and economical models for every day to high-quality figure-modeling products.

Products combines the latest trends from the Italian podiums, high sense of style, European quality – all at affordable prices.

The range of the brand today is quite extensive and includes: fantasy and classic products, seductive blouses, basic and fashion jeans lines, clothing for the office, home and sports. The brand is designed for the widest target audience and is designed for those who want to look stylish and cool, can mix styles and trends.