Coccapani (Kokkapani) is a fashionable, stylish brand, synonymous with such concepts as “femininity”, “elegance”, and “exclusivity.”
The brand is famous for its, just the same, divine collections of women’s clothing, filled with dresses worthy of the first beauties of the world. It seems that after such a characteristic it is already inappropriate to mention the magnificent, incomparable quality, stylish design and many bold and unique design solutions.
Manufacturing country: Italy.
Country of origin of products: United States of America.

From the first lines of our description, we want to warn you that this is not about a typical Italian-American brand. Stamps that originate from the United States of America usually have good quality, affordability and simplicity. American designers always rely on the convenience and comfort of their customers. Their style is usually laconic.

But Italian masters are able to create the most real fashion works of art. High style, chic and luxury, a touch of romance and passion – this is what distinguishes the work of designers from the “cradle of fashion”. Thus, by combining American practicality and Italian sophistication, a unique fashion company was obtained – Coccapani (Kokkapani).

The author of the brand is the famous Italian Giorgio Ferrari (Giorgio Ferrari), who at one time was engaged in the restoration of a luxurious villa that belonged to the highly respected Coccapani family (Kokkapani). The villa is truly a masterpiece of architectural art, and the master was inspired by her beauty. Elegant lines, perfect forms made such an indelible impression on the maestro that he decided to show this beauty to the whole world. Catching the mannerisms and style, Giorgio Ferrari (Giorgio Ferrari) has created a unique fashion brand of luxury.

Such a miracle could not be unnoticed. Already in 1993, Claudia Schiffer (Claudia Schiffer) herself became the face of an advertising campaign for Giorgio Ferrari (Giorgio Ferrari). Moreover, the model was very pleased with such fruitful cooperation, which lasted for seven years. Very quickly, Coccapani (Kokkapani) became popular not only in Italy, but throughout Europe, and then throughout the world. Milan (Italy) officially met this brand in one thousand nine hundred and ninety-seven. It was love at first sight. The audience applauded the new brand and its outfits, and fashion critics gave the show the highest rating. Coccapani (Kokkepeni) now flaunts: Adriana Sklenarikova, Eva Herzigova, Megan Gale, Sabrina Ferilli and Valeria Marini.

Until two thousand and two, the company bore the name The Marchese Coccapani (The Marquis Kokkapani), and then changed to a more concise – Coccapani (Kokkapani).

Perhaps this is a coincidence, but after the name change, the brand became not just popular, but megapopular. Products with the Coccapani logo (Kokkapani) were in demand and purchased, the company could hardly cope with the satisfaction of the requests of its fans.
Today, elite women’s clothing from the fashionable Italian manufacturer Coccapani (Kokkepani) is simply in great demand among stylish, fashionable, business and successful women who are well versed in modern trends. The widest range of products, which includes literally everything that a modern woman of fashion will need, ranging from luxurious, stylish dresses to comfortable, high-quality T-shirts, allows each lover of sophisticated style to choose the most suitable model for her.

The richest color palette, a huge variety of styles, very interesting, sometimes just a virtuoso cut – these are features that consistently distinguish clothing from Coccapani (Kokkapani) from any other. The combination of noble classical forms with bold, original decorative elements, sensual, delicate and feminine drawings, with bold, unique and fashionable prints, create a unique contrast, typical of the clothes only Italian production. The manufacture of some collections takes place in the United States of America, which allows Coccapani (Cockapani) to significantly expand its circle of influence without spending large funds on it.

The brand Coccapani (Kokkapani) is designed for experienced women of fashion with excellent taste, who prefer to wear only luxury clothing. This is fashion for courageous, self-confident aristocratic women who always and everywhere choose only the best.
The direction of the fashionable Italian manufacturer: quality, elitism, independence.
Products brand Coccapani (Kokkapani) is in the high price category and is very expensive.