Cristina Effe

The brand “Cristina Effe” appeared in the early nineties and managed to prove himself from the best sides, occupies a leading position and is popular in the world market for more than twenty-five years, is the most popular brand of clothing and accessories from Italy. The creators of the brand were Paolo Bertelli, and his wife Christina Fava. Brand “Cristina Effe”
In search of new ideas for creating her clothing collections, Christina Fava travels a lot. Wandering the streets of many countries, she watches street fashion, because she believes that the birthplace of fashion is street. Christina Fava traveled a lot and was inspired by new ideas in the streets of different cities.

The color range of the Cristina Effe collections is based on urban colors – white, gray and black. To create each line, designers use only the best materials, among which are the finest knitwear, delicate cashmere and silk. Sometimes the dark shades of the collection are diluted with bright explosive colors – purple, orange, turquoise. But the place of honor in each collection of the brand Cristina Effe is occupied by dresses. We can assume that the dress became synonymous with femininity and romanticism of the brand itself. You can choose such dresses for any occasion. It can be a knitted dress for every day, or a luxurious chiffon dress for a party. Such clothes are distinguished by the quality of cut, the best materials, as well as manual work.
For the production and sewing of models, the company uses only natural materials of the highest quality of the highest category: velvet, silk and cotton. Complement the products with high-quality embroidery, Swarovski crystals stickers and rhinestones. These nuances give the models a unique look and originality. Fresh images will help the beautiful ladies to draw inspiration that will help them remain confident in themselves and emphasize their mysteriousness and originality. In addition to clothing, the brand is engaged in the release of accessories, including bags, shoes, jewelry, scarves.

The new collection 2019-20 Cristina Effe is worth noting bright colors, filled with freshness, which will help make beautiful women even more self-confident and charming, while leaving them mysterious.