Deny Rose

denny rose


Denny rose is a brand of women’s clothing that is born in Capri. Traditionally for Italian designers, the region where they come from and where their brand comes from is very important. The ethnic, cultural and natural features of the region largely determine the style and choice of materials and even the semantic content of the collections.

Denny rose brand was founded relatively recently, in 1991 by Daniela Malpigni. At first – it was only a small sewing workshop, which eventually turned into a large-scale factory. Every year, Denny rose produces 6 collections of women’s clothing, as well as a line of underwear and swimwear. Products are made only from natural fabrics, the “marriage” is carefully selected, even by the cut of clothes. For a short period of the brand’s existence, love and popularity, in many countries of the world, it won quickly enough. Many boutiques are open throughout Europe and Russia. Trendy jeans, pants shorts, interesting designer blouses, sweaters, sweaters, cocktail or warm dresses, all this will turn your hostess into an elegant, fashionable and elegant lady Denny rose.

The company produces six collections of women’s clothing per year, in addition, a collection of underwear and swimwear. Also recently, collections of clothes for children and teenagers and a collection of accessories have appeared. With the release of each new collection of clothes creates a catalog. The DENNY ROSE catalog is a real magazine, which highlights the fashion trends of the season. The Italian model Alessia Ventura has been the face of the DENNY ROSE brand for several years.

When creating clothes, DENNY ROSE designers often combine various materials: silk, lace, leather, suede, cashmere, satin, chiffon and denim.

Denny rose is Capri – it is chiffon, silk, jersey, lace and delicate colors and bright flowers. Denny rose collections will help a fashionista, even the most strict observant of style, to create an eye-catching image, to pick up clothes according to mood or to a special event. In the arsenal of Denny rose there is also a classic and boho, business style and frivolous youth images.