EDAS LUXURY is an Italian brand, a line of elegant evening and festive clothing.

The business card of EDAS is very interesting and inexpensive dresses and suits that fit perfectly on the figure. A wide grid of sizes from 40 to 54, with enlarged sizes being developed specifically for a non-standard figure, which gives a wonderful visual effect.

Women who prefer this brand love to dress comfortably, with taste. Edas clothing emphasizes harmony, femininity; very practical and has an original style.
Classic from head to toe, which helps to keep the tone of business, but also tailored to fit any female figure and decorated with interesting details, this clothing will help to look both conservative and very stylish.
XXS 40
XS 42
S 44
M 46
L 48

EDAS focuses exclusively on classic-style clothing, decorating it with certain details and accessories.

Creating a casual look, you can avoid the standard boring shades, and simple details. With the help of Edas, you can choose an office image that will highlight you among those around you, emphasizing your individuality and sophistication.