Cristina Gavioli

Cristina Gavioli at the Italian market of c middle 80th, and more precisely in 1986th.

A brand of “Cristina Gavioli” is a result of joint idea of designers, designers from Italy, deciding with a head dipped on creation of stylish woman clothing, both products of “pronto” and collections on a pre-order.

The search of actual ideas and desire to show the best ideas allowed to the company to produce for five collections every year, thoroughly overcoming all trends of modern market the same.

Cristina Gavioli – it a brand is presented on the court of electoral in a fashion women, choosing for itself modern, dynamic style easy-to-operate and at the same time of excellent quality and complete graces. Today a fashionable clothing for the women of Cristina Gavioli is really popular. She is acknowledged by critics and real fashion plates. A brand surprises authentic Italian temperament. Stylish smocks, luxurious fur coats, refined skirts, eccentric blouses, bright dresses, comfortable cardigans and fashionable pantaloons.