Fima is a brand that began its journey in Italy. Initially, the factory otshivala their collections in a small town Civitanova Marche in the center of Italy.

The name of the brand that you see at the moment is the name belonging to the maker of the factory, unchanged to the present.

Initially, the company was exclusively engaged in the production of knitted goods for girls and women, taking the first steps to advance their own goal.

After the son of the owner of the company Giuseppe began to speak as the head of the company, the collections became brighter and more interesting.

The range was not limited only to knitwear, the creation of clothing, linen, accessories and outerwear began.

Thanks to unquenchable energy, the brand in a short time has become one of the most popular among the production and sale of youth clothing.


Currently, Fima stores are located in cities such as:


Rio de Janeiro,

New York,

True connoisseurs of fashion, whenever possible, visit Fima brand stores in the listed cities.
The brand is intended for those who are young at heart and love experiments in everything.
The rebelliousness that the factory is trying to present is perfectly passed on to the customers thanks to the famous Lucy Luhani, and she in turn is the face of the company for a long time.
The eclectic brand attracts those who like to create unusual and interesting images in everyday life, adding bright colors and unusual textures.
By combining interesting models with basic things, a lady can create a unique and unique image that can attract the attention of others.

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