The Furla brand today is a sign of the highest quality and one of the founders and trendsetters of world fashion. The Furla brand has its roots in Italy at the beginning of the twentieth century, and its exact date of foundation is May 1927.

Бренд Furla

The Furlanetto family became the founders of the brand, even after 80 years this business does not cease to be truly family owned. It is this approach to doing business that gives the founders and their followers the opportunity to keep all the secrets of the greatest production and longstanding customs, which gives all products a unique, corporate identity. Today, the entire office of this brand is located in Bologna, on the old, kind, decorated with the latest technology Ville 18th century.

The word Furla itself has become synonymous with true and authentic Italian style over the past few decades. Furla is the embodiment of freedom, sophistication, luxury, genius and spice.

Creating your own image, each of you thinks through every detail, because a real lady with a refined taste knows that even a plain scarf or a thin, seemingly inconspicuous belt can radically change the whole image. Properly selected bag makes the image complete, complete, and most importantly, refined and sophisticated. But unsuccessfully picked up bag will spoil the whole picture, even if all other attributes – the top of style and taste.
Pick up a handbag in the color of the shoe. This is the foundation of all the basics, the same classic as the little black dress. One color shoes, handbag and strap will always look elegant on any woman.



Furla in its history has a huge number of cult and popular all over the world models of bags. This brand can be proud of a record number of high-profile and world-famous women’s handbags. For example, Furla Piper, which has a lapidary, slightly rounded top design and offered us in submodels of leather, high quality nubuck and imitated under the skin of a reptile. Furla Piper is ideal for every day, and will complement the business office image.