Joleen – an Italian company, original trends and new ideas
The brand creates both youth models and models for a young modern and stylish lady.

Particular attention is paid to the selection of materials and the latest fashion trends, starting with fashionable






tops and finishing with outer clothing with jackets,

coats and down jackets.


Brand Joleen appeared recently. However, the new name immediately attracted the attention of ponto-fashion experts. Today, the brand is gaining popularity not only on the national market, but also in many countries of Europe and Asia.


Dresses, T-shirts and Joleen tracksuits are made of knitwear. Brand business card – bright decorations: sequins, crystals, applications, prints. Brilliant scales can cover all pants, be attached only on the belt line or in the form of stripes on the sides. Slogans on the T-shirts, bright humorous images of animals and people. Blouses and Joleen dresses are often decorated with appliqués in the form of flowers.