From the very first show, Jun & Juli has received public recognition and the highest praise from critics. Jun & Juli youth brand with lower prices than the main line. Its uniqueness is that the clothes were produced in casual style, but with a unique chic of Italian design.
The first collection was dedicated to women. The models were very elegant, romantic, causing a lot of positive emotions. Girls showing clothes looked very feminine and cute.
From the very first day of its existence to the present day, the brand regularly participates in Fashion Weeks that take place in Milan.
Jun & Juli style, which is inherent in things from the boutiques of this young designer, is light, glamorous, with elements of sport, romance, art and casual. It is suitable for young, active girls who do not commit anyone to their appearance. The spirit of Jun & Juli collections is on the same wavelength with the main fashion trends, but not without originality. Despite such a mix of conflicting trends, things are easy to combine.

Despite his youth, the author of the brand Jun & Juli received several prestigious awards and awards for his masterful work in the field of fashion-industry.

Jun & Juli style implies soft feminine silhouettes embellished with drapes and pleats. Bright color palette, lush lace, eclectic.
Unusual femininity models provide elegant, soft, delicate fabrics and perfectly executed high-quality sophisticated embroidery, which is present on almost every model.

The brand Jun & Juli is designed for a young, but extravagant girl who always prefers to look young, tender and cute. But the versatility of the models of a talented fashion designer lies in the fact that any woman can dress up Jun & Juli outfits, especially if she feels young and full of energy in her soul.
This is a brand that will help women always look young and flawless.