Kontatto is an Italian knitted brand of fashion clothing, founded in 1995. Kontatto – the play of words “with taste”, “gently”. Style brands – knitted trends in quality and at the same time youth performance. Collections of clothes are made of noble natural materials and consist of simple tastefully designed models.

Creativity of Italian fashion at all times was conquered by the world beau monde. Lightweight, elegant models easily become the legislators of the world’s stylish trends. They are becoming an example for admiration and imitation. The company store of Italian clothes Kontatto presents exclusive models for every taste.

These blouses can be worn with both jeans and classic skirts and trousers.

To date, branded clothing is sold in more than 100 stores. In Italy, new collections of fashionable clothes for women are being developed and sewn. Due to the fact that all products are very feminine, elegant, they are very popular in large cities. After all, every woman in a metropolis wants to show a fashionable outfit not only to her surroundings, but to all other people, and the more they are, the better.



The basis of clothing from the brand Kontatto is beauty, tenderness, lightness and brightness. Although all kinds of garments for women are produced, the main emphasis is on dresses, sweaters and tops. In order to provide a sense of ease, natural air materials are used: cotton, linen.