Le Silla

Le Silla

Brand saw the light of day in 1994. His inspiration and founder was Enio Silla. The fashion designer created a feminine image full of seduction, beauty and style. The shoes of this brand are recognized by fashionistas all over the world. The main feature is the developer’s attention to the smallest details of her shoe production.

Products of the brand are comfortable and beautiful. Today, the company offers us to wear a variety of models. Shoes brand, whether it be ballet or shoes, look at the woman’s foot luxuriously and stylishly.

Clutches Le Silla also enjoy wide interest and are in demand. They make the female image more elegant and easy. The palette of branded clutches is wide and every lady can choose a suitable model, whether it is a clutch for everyday life, or for a special occasion in the world. Exclusive models of clutches are decorated with shiny stones – exclusive things that are born exclusively in the heart of Italy.

Distinctive features of Le Silla

– are characterized by high heels,

-A platform,

-a sophisticated taste.

Le Silla shoes are preferred by connoisseurs of beauty, convenience and quality. The brand’s designers draw their inspiration from nature and technogenic environment. One of the collections of the brand was inspired by the impression of butterflies.

The brand is an example of true femininity, which at any time attracts the male half of humanity. Even if there is only one Le Silla shoe pair in the wardrobe of a lady or lady, she will definitely draw the attention of others and make her a star.  Italian footwear brand is made in such a way that visually slim women’s legs and adds them length. Isn’t this the effect of shoes, boots or shoes any woman dreams of?

Each product develops a creative union – Enio Silla and his wife Monica Ciabattini. She is the creative director of the brand. Before a pair of shoes is produced and shown to customers, Enio Silla and Monica Ciabattini polish their ideas for a long time and bring them to perfection.

Many products of the brand visually increase the growth of their owner by 10-15 cm. Evening shoes as if covered with precious stones, because they are decorated with dazzling crystals. Employees of the brand are sure that it is easy to wear branded high heels as well as typical moccasins.

The shoes are tested by Le Silla employees. Each pair of shoes comes on sale only after a thorough inspection. The employees wear the shoes for two weeks, after which they are reworked by craftswomen. The shoes are tested again. The result is a perfect pair of shoes.

Ideology of Le Silla brand

Among the latest collections of the brand one was made in retro style. The shape of the products seems to send us in the 30-40s of XX century. Shoes made of suede in different colors, calfskin, satin – all this makes up a new collection. There are also numerous strasses and embroideries. Elegant and bright, delicate tones of the collection have gained wide popularity.

Le Silla shoes prefer to wear Eva Longoria, Elizabeth Hurley, Paris Hilton. The cost of the shoe pair is 400-1000 Euro. During sales periods you can buy branded shoes even for 50% of the original price. Le Silla shoes belong to the luxury class. Its creators strive to ensure that their products symbolize luxury and originality, were always popular, regardless of the preferences and whims of women of fashion.