The line LES BOURDELLES was founded in the eighties, it is preferred by active freedom-loving people who have a sense of style.

Jeans LES BOURDELLES became one of the first model jeans in Europe. These jeans sit perfectly on the figure and do not hamper the movements, give their owners a feeling more confident and relaxed.

In the collections of LES BOURDELLES new interesting solutions are embodied, experiments with color range are made. For tailoring models used traditional fabrics in combination with cottons, silk, wool and so on.

The basis of the collection of the brand is denim. All things are of excellent quality, they embody the latest fashion trends.


Jeans are suitable both for hikes to work or a restaurant, and for walking and outdoor activities. Among the wide variety of models you can always find yourself suitable. There are modest, strict models of low-key colors, which have almost no decorative elements.

But still the line is designed primarily for young people, so here you will find models that combine bold design solutions and unusual colors. The brand produces both men’s and women’s collections.