Madiva is a sophisticated way of expressing oneself


Madiva – luxury clothes from Italy, represented by a variety of knitwear and underwear, is the world’s leading manufacturer. The factory was founded in the early 1950s by a couple in a small area in northern Italy, which was famous for its amazing woolen goods.

Now the cycle of manufacture covers all stages, beginning from manufacturing of threads and fabrics and finishing design development and tailoring of exclusive lingerie.

Unique features of Madiva brand

-All products are made of natural fibers: cotton, silk, 100% wool – a comfortable and comfortable lingerie with a sophisticated touch of style and Italian charm.
-To ensure that the products do not lose their shape during wearing and after washing, they are added a minimum amount of synthetic – it makes the figure slim and especially sexual.
-Lace finishes, collars of different shapes and additional abstract cuts give refined character to the products.
-All underwear is made on the newest seamless technology – it is filled with aristocracy, refinement and grace!
-Underwear and clothing wholesale from Italy is a great opportunity to buy goods worthy of you at affordable prices.

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