Marta Studio

Marta Studio -private, energy, lightness, shine in the eyes. Japanese graphics, elements of the national costume, large earrings, similar to the garlands of spring flowers – it seems that Marta Studio with another experiment with the values ​​of another culture coped better than it was last time.
This time the Italian designers drew inspiration in the aesthetics of urbanism, as well as in Japanese culture.

For the time of the show, they turned into one big house in Japanese style: the floor was covered with tatami, and the interior was decorated with real ikebans and traditional Japanese paper lamps.
In the women’s collection Marta Studio appeared laconic silhouettes, a relaxed cut and a catchy abstract print, inspired by Japanese hieroglyphics.

We especially liked the voluminous sweater and dress, decorated with bright geometric figures in the spirit of Suprematists, voluminous shoppers (in which, if desired, almost all life can fit), basic denim.
The collection offers us all the same to think about today’s day, well, and prepare for the coming summer.

In the new season, the company returns to its favorite topic and continues to lead a metaphorical dialogue between the male and female beginnings.
So, tenderness to suits of a man’s cut is added by a powder-pink and sage-blue shades, classical jackets in a monochrome cage are easily combined with lightly flying dresses and air blouses, and sweaters of rough mating are in harmony with the perforation adding products of romantic mood.