Italian knitting factory Mey since 1928 produces men’s and women’s underwear, as well as clothing for sleep and rest.

Designers rely on comfort and versatility of the models, so the basis of the assortment is a monophonic base:

-seamless black,

-white, gray and beige panties,

-t-shirts, tops.

Staple cotton is used for everyday models.

Natural fibers, intertwined with synthetic ones, allow things to stay in shape and smoothness longer, even with frequent washes.

Sportswear and breathable summer models are made of patented quick-drying Coolmax material.

Clothing collections are divided into several lines. Undershirt includes tops, T-shirts and longslives with a long backrest and low collar, discreet under clothing, and in day2Night – free pajamas with unobtrusive prints and silk tops, which can be worn not only at home, but also in combination with jeans, pants and skirts.