MOODY-famous brand of Italian clothing, which won the hearts of many fashionistas. This brand produces women’s clothing, accessories. Holds a rating over the years, high quality, a variety of styles and colors.


The main characteristics of the products of this brand has become a verified cut, exclusive ornaments and expensive fabrics. Most collections consist of models of everyday and office styles ….
MOODY wardrobe items are distinguished by their soft lines, warm fabrics and an abundance of draperies.

The range of this brand includes sweaters, cardigans, dresses and woolen costumes, as well as evening gowns for special occasions ….
Each fashion collection MOODY is unique, the same elements are never repeated. To create an original female image, designers use exclusively branded accessories ….

The autumn-winter collections are especially vividly represented. They are distinguished by a large abundance of high-quality knitwear and stylish evening dresses, as well as everyday outfits.
Moody pays special attention to the quality of the yarn from which it produces knitwear.

In the production process, expensive yarn is used, which is distinguished by its high quality; it is cashmere, lana, wool and merino wool.
MOODY is always characterized by tenderness, there are products with original prints and ornaments, and this is what distinguishes the clothes of a fashionable brand ….

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