Nines d'Onil

“We give dolls with all the quality and design that children deserve.”

The Spanish puppet factory Nines d’Onil creates amazingly beautiful and cute dolls to the delight of children and their parents. In the skillful hands of puppet masters, dolls acquire realistic body shapes and facial expressions. They are made of velvety vinyl, pleasant to the touch, of the highest quality.

In the case of dolls in the size of 26 cm, the pacifier is very realistic, made of plastic and silicone, it performs a more decorative function – a stylish accessory on a chain.

Beautiful baby doll with vanilla aroma is not only a gift, it helps a child to create his own magical world, teaches kindness and care.

Each Spanish doll is unique, has its own features and character, clothes, tailored by designers specifically for each model.

Light vanilla aroma, velvety to the touch body and funny children’s faces are Spanish baby dolls Nines D’Onil.

The brand is known worldwide. He not only earned AEFJ recognition, but is also a member of the Spanish Toy Manufacturers Association, along with:





The name of the company is translated into Russian as “Puppet Masters D’Onil” and fully justifies itself: toys are made only in the province of Alicante in Spain by professional puppet sculptors.

The motto of the company, founded more than 30 years ago:

“We give dolls with all the quality and design that children deserve.”

Nines D’Onil is a puppet brand originally from the Spanish province of Alicante. The brand appeared on the toy market in 1986 and won the hearts of children and their parents far beyond Spain. The quality of the Nines D’Onil dolls meets the highest standards. These doll masterpieces are made from high quality vinyl with a light vanilla scent. Doll outfits are mostly hand-sewn. Each toy has a trademark and certificate. The range of Nines D’Onil includes dolls and dolls for playing and voiced, from vinyl and from combined materials. The touching kids Nines D’Onil will occupy a worthy place in the collection of your child’s toys.

This gift will appeal to not only the baby, but also the sophisticated collector!

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