Norah & Olivia

Norah & Olivia is an Italian fashion brand for young and active people. All collections drew attention to the new name thanks to the audacity and charm, style, consonant with the young people of the new century. Models began to be bought up literally immediately after the appearance on the podium.

Such success and recognition of the new brand Norah & Olivia became a natural impetus for the expansion of production and development of new markets, already outside Italy. In the images created by the collections, elements of street fashion are combined with replicas of the entire centuries-old history of European clothing and culture. They suddenly melt in the minds of talented designers into completely unusual, fresh images that vividly convey the spirit of modernity. Unusual, eccentric, light shock from the models captivate the viewer, attract interest and make truly unforgettable images created in the collections of the brand.
-the choice of materials – not only natural, expensive and high quality, but also non-standard.

-natural silk with interesting prints, knitwear with an interesting texture

-Faith Connexion brand includes several lines.
1. Clothing for women, which represents customers outerwear, dresses and skirts, jeans and pants, blouses, tops, T-shirts, etc.
2. Clothing for men who can also replenish their wardrobe from shirt to jacket or coat

Today, the Norah & Olivia brand does not lose its position of popularity, the stores of this company are open all over the world, in many large European cities. High quality, traditional methods of decoration and corporate decoration make it easy to distinguish a real brand from a fake.

Wholesale clothing is unrivaled Italian chic and the opportunity to buy quality items at an affordable price.

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