The Paolo Casalini brand has been on the market since 1995.
The company, headquartered in Bologna, is exclusively engaged in the production and sale of lines for women’s pret-a-porter, always offering new products in line with fashion trends.

Paolo Casalini and its employees constantly carry out research on the use of materials, colours and fittings to ensure that their clothes are suitable for a wide audience of women.

Employees constantly carry out research on the use of materials, flowers and fittings to ensure that their clothing is suitable for a wide audience of women.

Critics define the style of Paolo Casalini as “the surprise of Italian classics”. His works are strict in Italian, but at the same time often have an unexpected solution in the design or color of the model. The complexity of the cut and silhouettes of the brand is an expression of femininity. Many things are designed in such a way that can be repeatedly transformed by their mistress. This built-in versatility confirms the attention of designers to the needs of customers, as well as the desire to provide women with different sets of clothing. In addition, Paolo Casalini’s clothing is always a kind of hybrid that combines the details of two or three different items of wardrobe.

The brand is designed for a very wide audience. In fact, the brand embraces all popular fashion trends and works for a wide age range.
Due to the high quality of products, some, even the most expensive models are very easy and quick to find their customers.
Brand direction: exclusive, elitism, quality, luxury, comfort.
Price category: from “low income” to “average income”.

However, the philosophy of Paolo Casalini brand differs from the majority of today’s trends. Designers of the brand produce everyday clothes for women to make them bright and comfortable! Diversity is what modern women need,” says the brand’s management. “We offer California chic for every day,” the designers say. When you buy the brand’s products, you get a certain spirit of relaxation, relaxedness, great taste and a sense of style.

The assortment of the brand: light and airy summer dresses, elegant tunics, sexy tops, in which you will look just great, though on a summer walk, though at a beach party, though with friends in a cafe. Comfort and high quality products will give you both ease and self-confidence and ease of use. Collections are thought over in such a way that all models are perfectly combined with each other, and you do not have to buy a lot of things. At minimal cost, you will be able to significantly upgrade your wardrobe and will be able to appear every day in front of friends and family in a new image.

The famous women’s brand from Italy offers its collections to gentle and sophisticated women who love work and leisure, fun and loneliness. The products of the brand will be appreciated by both young girls and women of Balzac age, provided that they are young in the shower.
Direction of the company: availability, ease, femininity, quality.