Patrizia Pepe

The Patrizia Pepe brand was founded in 1993 by Patricia Bambi and her future husband Claudio Orrey.

Patricia finely felt fashion, worked in fashion houses and already knew that she wanted to bring herself to the fashion world. Claudio Orrey became her partner and is responsible for the financial part of the brand, while the inspiration and creative heart of the brand is Patricia.

The brand got the name Patrizia Pepe because the creator of the brand is Patrizia, and the collections themselves are always with a twist that is rather a peppercorn – Pepe.

The brand Patrizia Pepe first presented the collections of women’s clothing, in 2005 they launched a men’s clothing line, after it two years later, a line of children’s clothes appeared, later a line of beachwear was launched, and finally accessories that the clients of the brand especially like. Today, the brand’s philosophy is a one-piece image, whether male or female, so you can immediately pick up a full-fledged wardrobe in the mono-brand store Patrizia Pepe and create your own image: from a hairpin to a true garment. notes whether it is strict casual wear or teenage wardrobe.

Patricia Bambi is known as the rock star of the fashion industry. She participates in her own shows, regularly holds presentations and parties, which are then discussed for a long time on the pages of fashion magazines and the yellow press. Claudio Orrey is also no stranger to social life, he lectures, participates in motorcycle races. The duet of these creative, desperate and talented people has created an extremely successful brand of Italian clothing, which for more than twenty years confidently holds a place in the market and expands spheres of influence.

The brand’s philosophy is elegant, elegant silhouettes, mock negligence, sensual images, attention to detail, the brand is known for its ability to create religious things that will not lose relevance for many seasons and at the same time strictly follow fashion trends. Spicy detail of each new collection is thematic photo shoots and video clips, sometimes duplicating plots of cult films or literary plots, where accents from the actual clothes are shifted to a deeper, philosophical relationship of the individual and the creation of her image.

You can get acquainted with the new collection of clothes or accessories Patrizia Pepe, get carried away by the plot!

Patrizia Pepe traditionally represents the spring-summer and autumn-winter collections, as well as capsule and intermediate collections and separate collections of accessories.