Prada (premium clothing and footwear, accessories and perfumes.) Is an Italian company specializing in the production of fashionable clothes, shoes and accessories, which owns the same-name fashion house and trademark. The headquarters is located in Milan.

The Italian company Prada was founded by the young tanner Mario Prada in 1913. Today, under the management of the founder’s granddaughter, Miuccia Prada, premium clothes and footwear, accessories and perfumes are produced under this brand. The characteristic feature of the brand’s style is characteristic restrained luxury and elegant silhouettes. The Prada women’s collection includes classic pumps, elegant trousers with arrows, wool coats and luxurious dresses. The models are decorated with voluminous frills and bows in the Victorian style, contrasting collars of faux fur, as well as sophisticated prints and embroidery, quoting famous paintings.

The history of the brand began in Milan, in 1913, when Mario Prada, the founder of the brand, opened a small shop selling elegant travel bags. By applying exotic soft walrus skin, Mario managed to attract the attention of influential customers around the world. Then the company was called Fratelli Prada (“Brother Prada”). In 1958, the daughter of Mario Prada – Louise took over the management of the company.

In 1970, Prada clothing collections were sold not only in Europe, but also in America. Exquisite aristocratic bags, decorated with crystals, as well as decorated with rare woods and tortoise-shell, have become a constant symbol of a luxurious lifestyle. However, despite the visual appeal, Prada bags seemed very cumbersome, so they were poorly bought, and the company itself was in danger of a financial crisis. Then, in 1979, the granddaughter of the founder of the brand, Miuccia Prada, took over the management of the company. Miuccia operated on the new motto of the fashion house: “Avoid nostalgia by any means” and never broke this rule.

In 1989, the Prada brand, which by that time was already a fairly well-known company, under the guidance of a new director, Miuccia Prada, demonstrated its first line of ready-made clothes of the pret-a-porte class. The collection was sustained in soothing colors, with a predominance of black. All lines were elegant and simple, without any abrupt transitions or cuts. By applying such an unexpected contrast, Prada instantly won the sympathy of customers who prefer elegant chic.

In 1993, Prada introduced a new brand – Miu Miu (the name is inspired by the children’s nickname Miuccia Prada). Miu Miu is an alter ego of Miuccia Prada, from the very beginning it serves as a platform for new ideas and bold experiments. In the early 90s she launched her own line of sunglasses. Moreover, the glasses were made in thick square frames of the brightest colors, for which the buyers nicknamed them “The Ugly Prada”. However, after a few years, the glasses turned into a brand business card.

Also produces the commercialization of perfumes in collaboration with a Spanish company.

In 2000, a place with the company Luxottica, Prada released the first collection of sunglasses. The appearance of the glasses, oddly enough, did not become a priority for Prada. Developers paid much attention to optics technology and materials. Prada glasses perfectly protect from the sun, and despite their sometimes strange forms, they are very comfortable to wear. Such materials as cellulose acetate, metal, plastic are used. The hallmark of Prada rims is a peculiar combination of materials resembling snake skin. Especially popular are their smoky coffee lenses.