John Richmond is an English designer based in Italy. He was born in 1960, (Manchester, England). As a young man, John moved to London to study at Kingston University. His long-standing dream was to become a designer. And to this end, he went rapidly. After graduating in 1982, he immediately created his first collection and collaborated with Joseph Tricot, Fiorucci and Emporio Armani. He is attracted by his extravagant style.

Distinctive features of Richmond
– extravagance
– addressed to reputable clients
– abundance of various prints, applications and accessories prevails
– Denim clothing line, for young and successful customers


Brand history

Already in 1984, John Richmond, in collaboration with his girlfriend Maria Cornejo, founded The Richmond-Cornejo brand. They are building a joint business, but John Richmond is the one who is most attracted to independent solutions. And since 1987, he has been working independently, focusing on a style that combines avant-garde and club culture.
The next step was the creation in 1990 of a new collection in a lower price category – Destroy. A year later, he complements it with the Destroy Denim collection. In 1992, his first boutique, opened in London, began to receive visitors. In 1995 he created a line of ready-made clothes and accessories.
The ideology of the Richmond brand
Also in 1995, Richmond entered the foreign market. Such a rapid development of business helps to realize his own diligence, passion for culture and beauty, as well as his old friend Saverio Moskillo.
Saverio Mosquillo has provided him with the Falber Confectionery Factory, as well as his distribution network with showrooms around the world, including Rome, Milan, Naples, Paris, London, New York, Düsseldorf and Munich. Soon John Richmond’s brand brought him tremendous success.
From 2000 to 2003, John Richmond collaborated with the Valextra brand, focusing on creating collections of women’s clothing and accessories.
From the very beginning, John Richmond set the goal of producing clothing that defies established rules.
His clothes are for seductive women who like to stand out from the crowd. His style can be described by the words “street chic”.
These are well-cut jackets, in juicy fruit shades. The decor is often complemented by leather inserts, various chains, zippers, i.e. elements that are associated with the punk style. However, in John Richmond’s collections there are features of glam rock and biker motifs. His work is closely linked to the rock music industry. Therefore, among his admirers are such celebrities as Madonna, Mick Jagger, Annie Lennox, David Bowie, George Michael and many others. John Richmond is also interested in working with other designers, such as the Iraqi fashion designer Rim Alasadi.
With all John Richmond’s passion for extravagant style, the designer shows an amazing ability to create things that are suitable for many.

In addition to men’s and women’s clothing, John Richmond’s collections include such categories as lingerie, beachwear, glasses, children’s clothing and shoes.