SPAZIOMODA – Made in Italy. Such footwear has long been recognized worldwide, and Italian brands rightfully own the championship in quality and style of products.

Exquisite and quality footwear Made in Italy, which meets all the latest trends in world fashion. Many models are handmade from the best Italian leather. Shoes of this brand are often complemented by sensual details of fur or exotic leather, classic feminine forms and rich evening decoration, even in sports accessories. Clean lines, the highest quality leather, succulent colours – Spaziomoda shoes fit perfectly into any modern wardrobe. Convenience for designers is always at the forefront, and in these stilettos you will be able to dance all night long!

It is an amazing fact that the beautiful Italy itself has the shape of a woman’s boot! Italian shoes can be distinguished by a comfortable shoe, high-quality leather and special design that allows not to choose between comfort and fashion.

To date, Italian shoe brands – family businesses that have been working for many decades. So it happened historically. In some regions of Italy in the 60’s almost every home sewed shoes and bags. Some of these workshops were gradually formed in factories, world-famous brands (Casadei, Fabi, Nando Muzi, Ferragamo, Pollini and SPAZIOMODA).

Masters of this brand, relying on tradition, treat leather in their own special way and after it becomes softer and more durable. The brand works only with the best materials, each model is individually worked out and made by hand. Our online shoe shop guarantees that you buy quality and original branded shoes from the manufacturer.

“I can tell you who you are by looking at your shoes”-an old Italian statement. However, the shoes that we wear are more about us and our character than any words. This is especially true for women, because the right shoes make us feel beautiful and elegant. The founders of the SPAZIOMODA brand know this very well. The brand was founded in the post-war period in the region In those days, it was a small campaign, with manual production, today it is a creative and stylish company known far beyond Italy, which follows the Italian tradition of quality. Each model of SPAZIOMODA is qualitative, fashionable, distinguished by special style and details. Shoes of this brand is ideal for a modern girl who looks stylish and feels comfortable in a big metropolis.