Children’s clothing from 0 to 16 years. For 40 years, the company’s main business.

TIEMME EXPORT was created in the 80s initially as a representation, and then as a producer and distributor of children’s clothing: the company has established itself in the market with a very personal style that can combine practicality and trends. Exclusive brands: GARCIA, GYMP, FUNBEE GIRL, FUNBEE BOY and LEMON BERET.

Ready-made clothes FUNBEE represents fashionable clothes of the latest trends MADE IN ITALY. Inspired by the collections of the adult world, we make clothes from the finest fabrics for the fashionable world of children. We have made 40 years of experience in the children’s segment, and we use Italian production and craftsmanship, with the certificate “Made in Italy”.

Tiemme – the main activity of the brand, is the production and distribution of children’s clothing and accessories. The exact date of creation of the enterprise is not known, the founders are experienced designers, professionally engaged in the production of clothing for many years.

The president and chief executive officer of the company is engaged in business in the production of children’s clothing almost all of their lives.

Initially, the company’s management planned to release a collection called Tiemme, consisting of knitwear, but later began to add other garments made of various quality materials. The collection began to fill with extravagant and bold offers, accessories also diluted also modest outfits.

In the collections of all brands of the company there are models with manual embroidery and an individual approach. Quality of products is checked both manually and by hardware.
The products of the brand are recognizable both in the markets of Italy and in other countries. The brand’s products are regularly shown at exhibitions and shows. The company plans to purchase new brands and companies, as well as increase the output of its own products.