Trash and Luxury

Trash and Luxury creates things for young people, and models for a young modern stylish woman. Trash & Luxury brand collections are quite elegant and adhere to the traditions of Italian fashion.

It is worthwhile to talk separately about the cut and style of clothing from the Trash and Luxury brand. Many designers emphasize that in addition to originality, there is some glamor in the products. This, of course, contributes to the high price. Trash & Luxury branded clothes combine the fitted silhouettes and free cuts, there are also straight lines, however – with some asymmetry. Each model of the collection combines bright intense colors and more relaxed. It is the presence of so many unique combinations and details that makes the Trash & Luxury brand memorable.

Although Trash & Luxury company exists relatively recently, it has already managed to acquire popular clients, such as Jessica Alba, Michelle Obama, Sarah Drew and others. Many show business stars and other public people turn to the designer with a request to create for them a piece of clothing that will emphasize their image, and also be able to surprise with their luxury and original form.

Wholesale clothing is unrivalled Italian chic and the opportunity to buy quality items at an affordable price.

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