WOLM FW 2019_2020

WOLM is a unique youth brand. Bright, stably updated collections of fashionable clothes, a lot of bright, positive impressions and emotions. Unpredictable theme, bold, color palette made WOLM one of the most popular among modern youth.

WOLM-tracksuits, trousers, T-shirts and T-shirts with bright color prints, as well as unusual leggings and just a huge set of shoes and luxury accessories of the corresponding style – that’s what the designers of this brand and honesty create are worth noting that they did a great job. with a set, challenging task.

About the enormous popularity of the Italian youth brand WOLM says the fact that these clothes are happy to wear so many stars and celebrities. Sincere fans of the brand include: American singer, designer and actress Fergie Duhamel (Fergie Duhamel), nee Stacy Ann Ferguson (Stacy Ann Ferguson), Christina Maria Aguilera, producer, actress and singer from America – Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter (Beyonc’e Giselle Knowles-Carter), as well as Victoria Caroline Beckham (Victoria Caroline Beckham), which needs no introduction and many others.

Such popularity among celebrities is explained not only by interesting, unique and stylish dresses, but also by the high sense of comfort and convenience that is presented to their owners.
True, in some collections there is a certain note of shocking. However, the uniqueness of the collection lies in the fact that in the modern setting these models look quite appropriate and even creative.

Only the most creative and courageous representatives of the modern fashion industry are attracted to cooperate with Wolm. For example, for its latest advertising campaign, the brand invited a very popular and controversial photographer – Lauren Ward (Lauren Ward). Professionalism and high skill played a very important role.
Today, clothes with the WOLM logo, as well as accessories of this company are successfully sold in many of the largest and most prestigious stores in the world. High quality products, the ability of the design team to make non-standard decisions and competent advertising company made this brand popular, in demand and bought, allowing the company to increase its turnover every year.