(Русский) YUKA

The brand of luxury clothing YUKA was created in 1985 in Paris. At first it was invented by the stylist Solomon GUETTA. A small boutique YUKA, in the Paris area of ​​Santier, is currently considered one of the leading competent enterprises in the field of women’s pret-a-porter in Europe. Created in close cooperation between S. Guetta and A. Avitan in 1998, YUKA Paris acquires its face, transforms into a company that specializes in the production of fabrics for wholesale. The YUKA clothing line with ever-increasing success plans to spread throughout the world in a draft over the next 10 years. Regularly open new retail stores.

If you choose the brand YUKA – you, above all, choose high quality textiles, because YUKA always chooses for its production exclusively fabrics of the highest quality and the latest technology, as a result of which and come out its exquisite models.
In the production process, a YUKA clot must go through 17 quality control levels before the YUKA label is sewn onto it.
The creator and designer of the M.Getta brand is constantly looking for new materials and new ideas, in his collections both chic and fashion trends are embodied.
Since 2006, the range of YUKA has expanded significantly: from shirts, tops and blouses to jeans and a full silhouette – from foot to chair. So the world saw the concept of “total look”.
A clever combination of price and quality leads the brand YUKA to the leaders in its field.