Italian clothing manufacturer specializing mainly in knitwear production. Jumpers, cardigans, sweaters and golfers. All products are hand knitted from merino or Peruvian wool, as well as from New Zealand mohair.

Each model has its own style, but they have the main highlight – excellent quality, soft, comfortable.

CLUB CROCHET offers charming jumper jackets, vests, polo jackets and other knitwear. The collections are designed for women. The quality is so excellent that you want to touch these things over and over again, or better yet, put them on and never take them off.

The palette is also very pleasant: delicate pink and pale blue shades are next to the coffee and indigo shades. Materials used: cashmere, silk, delicate alpaca wool. Prices are democratic.

At the heart of the classic, rethought in a modern way. We advise you to pay special attention to cardigans of bright colors in retro style.

In the new collection the brand offers more “compact” things: basic thin knitwear. Natural materials: wool, mohair, cashmere and angora.

The Italian-based brand CLUB CROCHET adheres to a curious concept: it creates unisex things exclusively from Italian knitwear and only in S and M sizes. Extreme cashmere slogan: “For everybody and every body”. The basis of one permanent collection, in which four times a year there are a small number of new models corresponding to a particular season.