Elisabetta Franchi

Elisabetta Franchi


ELISABETTA FRANCHI – famous fashion designer, one of the designers of the House of Mod Celyn b. She achieved a lot in the fashion world, won recognition and respect from her colleagues. The brand that she works with fashion designer Sabato Zennamo is perhaps more famous than the fashion house itself, within which the brand exists.


Someone calls these works practical and nocturnal masterpieces, and is hardly smart. The talent of the fashion designer is noticeable, but does not eclipse the owner, because the thing is sitting well.

Someone says that these collections can affect the canons of style and fashion, so they are charming and charismatic. In them there is little simplicity, although all ingenious is still simple. In the world of beauty there is a place for riddles and mysteries, ornate, elegant solutions.

What is the brand Elisabetta Franchi? First of all, it is courage and risk. This is women’s clothing, in which there is a lot of elegance. Elizabeth Frenchy prefers to work with smooth canvases, luxurious colors.

A modern woman needs clarity, this is her inner need and in the clothes of Elisabetta Franchi clarity is present. Monochrome outfit, elongated silhouette, bright, juicy color – this is more and more rare to be found in the fashion world, it is increasingly rare for such couturier solutions. What is easier – to combine colors and ornaments or to stand out, to prefer in dressing clarity? Preciseness can be avoided by means of drawing, ornament, patterns. It is not always appropriate, but you can not do without it. For this, it’s a luxury.

The clothes of this brand will add variety to the wardrobe of a modern woman. Each collection of ELISABETTA FRANCHI has such an epithet as the word “extraordinary”. In collections it is not uncommon – the clarity of color, challenge, straightforwardness on the brink of a foul.

A characteristic feature of the designer is love of extremes. Clinging cut, sliding, light fabric, interesting, juicy coloring, as well as an abundance of folds, ruches and recesses, heavy visual material, pastel colors and combinations – those extremes that can be found in collections. You can choose one thing, but you can show the surrounding changeability, characteristic of a woman. The fans of the brand – different views, a different approach to dresses. But to find in the collections of Elisabetta Franchi you can absolutely everything that a modern fashionista needs.

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