Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani

   Emporio Armani- freedom without rules

Freedom without schemes and rules in choosing a style. Emporio Armani clothing and accessories become tools for expressing individuality.
The collection is saturated with energy and a thirst for freedom, providing a lot of opportunities that every woman can interpret at will.

Features clothing Emporio Armani

– A harmonious combination of contrasts,

– Quality fabric with an ideal base for prints and graphics.

– Apogee in evening dresses, juxtaposing red and black colors.


Emporio Armani (Emporio Armani) is a youth line of clothing and accessories of the Italian Fashion House Giorgio Armani. The age of the brand’s target audience is from 20 to 35 years. Emporio Armani products are on display at Pret-a-porter Fashion Week and sold in 160 branded boutiques around the world.

The founder of Emporio Armani Giorgio Armani was born on July 11, 1934 in the Italian city of Piacenza. In his youth, he dreamed of a career as a doctor, but for two years of study at the university, he realized that he was more interested in art than medicine. Having abandoned the institute, he began to look for jobs as a photographer or as an assistant in a clothing store. His career in the world of haute couture began in 1961, when he got a job as an assistant to the famous Italian couturier Nino Cherruti. .Giorgio was forty when he decided to open his own business. He had to sell a car and borrow money from acquaintances, but he nevertheless achieved his goal – and in 1974 he presented his own collection of clothes. The following year, Giorgio Armani officially registered as a trademark.

The famous line was founded in 1981. Then the first collection was released and the first boutique in Milan was opened. Emporio Armani was founded as a youth brand with more affordable prices than in the main line. Basically, casual clothing was produced under the brand, but with the famous Italian chic.

Emporio Armani now has about 150 boutiques worldwide. In some cities around the world, they are combined with flower, bookstores or even pastry shops, also decorated in the Armani style.

For lovers of glossy editions, the Emporio Armani Magazine has been published since 1989. In the same year, the first Emporio Armani Express restaurant opened in London and a line of household items, the Emporio Armani Gift Collection, was launched.

In 1997, Emporio Armani Beauty Components watches and decorative cosmetics appeared in the Emporio Armani line, and in 2002 the production of the EMPORIO ARMANI Gioielli jewelry line was launched. In 2005, the brand launched the Emporio Armani Red product line.All proceeds from the sale of Emporio Armani Red products go to the AIDS Fund for African Women and Children.

Now in Emporio Armani stores, in addition to clothes, you can find bags, underwear, glasses, watches and jewelry.

Emporio Armani watches are almost more popular than clothing collections. Under this brand, three lines of men’s watches are produced – Classics, Meccanico, Sports – and two women’s watches – Classic and Fashion. Giorgio himself said that his watch is suitable for expensive business suits, but at the same time it is intended for people who like to wear black t-shirts and jeans most of all.