Giorgia&Johns FW2019

Giorgia&Johns FW2019

The Italian brand Giorgia & Johns, successfully exists and develops in the fashion market and today, delighting the beautiful half of humanity with its creations. It is not surprising, because replenishing your wardrobe from Giorgia & Johns FW2019 / 20.

You become the owner of dresses of the present Italian style and quality.

Giorgia & Johns new collection autumn-winter 2019-20 is the perfect choice for those who want to look stylish, fashionable and new every day. This is an expression of individuality of a young stylish woman living in one of the cities of the world. The color scheme in the reconstruction is restrained, but in fact they often combined incredibly bright colors: red with green, yellow with purple, orange with blue or blue.
Clothing from Giorgia & Johns is clothing for all occasions, from everyday to solemn. Target audience of the brand Giorgia & Johns are young women leading active lifestyles, loving their work and at the same time wanting to look stylish, feminine and fashionable each day.It is 100% Italian style and quality made in Italy.


The uniqueness of clothing brand Giorgia & Johns FW2019 / 20

-The brand is a symbol of elegance and style, creating a beautiful and independent image of a young and vibrant personality.
-All collections are striking a harmonious synthesis of noble shades of color with extravagance, which emphasizes the changeable female character.
-The combination of natural fabrics, decorated with drawings and embroidered handmade patterns, gives the models an amazing retro charm.
-Each outfit conquers with amazing femininity and the ability to emphasize the beauty of the female figure.
-Unique outerwear, trousers, dresses, blouses, skirts and jackets are made of high-quality materials and are distinguished by the original style of cut and decor.

Collection autumn-winter Giorgia & Johns FW2019 / 20 – 150 original models. The material used for tailoring high quality, made by technology with the introduction of the latest scientific trends. Each collection, being different from one another, is divided into eight subcollections: Special Events, Urban Chic, Precious Nightclub, Shiny Vorning, Everyday Fashion, Stylish Working, Shopping in New York, Jeans Collection. They are characterized by a successful combination of individuality, feminine extravagance, and at the same time the style of big cities. Woman Giorgia & Johns loves and appreciates herself, the world and her work … She is dynamic and delightful, able to look stylish, fashionable and in a new way every day …

The brand’s philosophy can be briefly defined as “new urbanism”: all things are highly functional, but each has its own history and character. In Giorgia & Johns products, modern technologies are combined with the original cut and unique color solutions achieved through complex dyeing processes.

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