GUESS SS19 Wild West Freedom Spirit

GUESS SS19 Wild West Freedom Spirit

GUESS SS19 collection of the spirit of freedom of the Wild West and French femininity. This is how the foundations of Guess corporate identity began. The Marciano brothers presented a new collection of exclusive jeans, sexy blouses, spectacular dresses, high-quality outerwear. The chain of Guess clothing stores has spread not only throughout America, but throughout the world.

“Do not stop!” Is the company’s motto. Having conquered the clothing market, Guess has expanded its range of: a collection of bags, jewelry, swimwear, belts and neckerchiefs. At the initiative of Paul Marciano in 1984, the first collection of watches was presented. The development of this direction went successfully. The high quality and style of Guess watches brought worldwide popularity and recognition.

To promote their brand, the Marciano brothers use an original approach. They do not seek to reach a large audience, but work for a narrow group of people. In the bulk, these are young people – bright, ambitious, independent, open-minded and active lifestyle. To promote the brand, various and unusual technologies are used: contests, parties, prizes, gifts and much more.

Special attention deserves the contest “Faces to Watch”. Anyone can participate in it. You only need to send your photo and information about yourself to the company website. Winners receive a contract for advertising Guess watches for a period of 1 year. This competition allows to interest the most active part of the youth, encourages them to tell the company to their friends and acquaintances.


Their every voice increases the chance to reach the final and become the face of Guess watches. Claudia Slate, Eva Herzigova, Naomi Campbell, Laetitia Casta and Carla Bruni became famous for this competition. Only the most famous photographers, such as Wayne Meiser and Neil Kirk, were attracted for advertising campaigns. Guess has created a recognizable, young, sexy image and still holds it.

For the development and manufacture of watch collections in the company Guess has a whole team of designers.

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