Marella is a brand of clothing, footwear and accessories that is very popular with women around the world.

The brand belongs to the famous Fashion House Max Mara and was originally produced as one of the clothing lines. Over time, Marella was, thanks to its popularity was singled out as a separate brand within the Max Mara Group.

Features of MARELLA brand
-traditional impeccable quality of materials used and the quality of the products themselves.

– freer style and more relaxed design solutions reflecting the latest world trends.

– Italian brand of women’s clothing of luxury class.

The collections of Marella are represented:

-A variety of styles – from elegant discreet classics to everyday fashion looks that take into account the hottest trends of the season.

-Creation of a unique style that allows a woman to emphasize her individuality,

-In MARELLA clothes, you will always look feminine, charming, attracting admiring views of others.

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The brand was created in 1973 as one of the lines of the famous Max Mara brand. Due to the great popularity of the brand, in 1988 Marella became an independent brand.

The target audience of Marella are considered as loyal fans of Max Mara brand, as well as other fashionable women who love quality clothes of stylish design.

Each Marella collection is simple, comfortable and feminine, which is in any collection of this brand.

Pants, elk, sweaters, jackets, jeans, as well as sports dresses and suits are designed for everyday life and lovers of outdoor activities.
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