Italian cartoon tops. Mixture combines high quality, comfort and modern technology of used Sorona materials and fabrics

The history of the brand began in Italy.  A group of creative designers created a collection of outerwear, focusing on the classic style, in addition, their clothes were a real “mix” of styles and trends. It was impossible to miss it, and that’s why the brand’s products were very soon appreciated by consumers at the highest level and acquired their admirers.

The Mixture collection was a great success, and then, the company took the risk to make it more bold and bold, adding new, bright strokes. Since then, the Italian company has become one of the largest clothing manufacturers in Europe, part of the BTX Group.

The guy Mixture is courageous, young, stylish and self-confident. It is important for him to remain himself. He is looking for the best value for money. His age is just a figure, but he is about 18-35 years old.

The girl Mixture – modern, vigorous, self-confident, leading an active lifestyle.

She likes to shop, have fun and communicate with friends. The brand segment is primarily young in heart, aged 16-30.

Mixture brand belongs to the smart-fashion class, it is a youth creative things in the segment of medium mass-market.

The new Mixture Autumn-Winter 2019-2020 collection is something completely new and even innovative. The main direction chosen by the brand in the coming season is “to be as easy as possible”.

And it concerns both the direct meaning of the word and the portable one. In clothes from Mixture you will not feel its weight on your shoulders. This is achieved thanks to the innovative materials used in its manufacture. It will be comfortable everywhere!

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