Primo Emporio

Primo Emporio

Primo Emporio is a unique style, bravely combining “casual” (casual) with avant-garde, trying to decorate the boring reality with a mosaic of bright prints.
Fantastically futuristic outfits look very practical when scrutinized. Especially designers try to combine bright individuality and mercantile-commercial thread. Pulyarnye celebrities prefer clothes for public parties.

As a brand of fashionable clothing brand Primo Emporio entered the fashion market and in a moment won the majority of fans.
And soon the brand received an award from the British Fashion Awards, where it positively assessed their spring-summer collection and awarded a talented tandem award in support of the young Fashion Forward business.

“We try very hard to combine our bold ideas and unique textures exclusively with an understanding of what they want and will wear today. Yes, we start from reality, but we also bring our aesthetics into it,” the designers say.

The vision of men’s clothing designers of this tandem combines classic elegance with an ultra-modern approach. Namely: bright prints on the clothes of soft and soft sculptural silhouettes.
In Primo Emporio, bright prints are combined with clear straight lines of cut. The shortened jackets have rather wide shoulders, and the coats have a classic shape, like the fashion of the sixties. The asymmetrical bottom is similar to the wings of insects.
The men’s theme is represented by three red images, in the style of a matador.

And a few positive reviews of the last, spring-summer fantastic collection:
“The magical super-reality is introduced into our daily lives and suddenly explodes all the usual ideas about the compatibility of colors and textures. Who told you that it is impossible to combine five different styles in one suit? Believe me, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay.
The founders of the popular Primo Emporio brand continue to surprise the public and fashion critics. Prints on shirts created by the designers are amazing. Each model from the “Spring-Summer” collection can be considered for a long time.

Primo Emporio designers rely on the texture of the fabric, as well as its pattern, drapery and silhouette. Thus, they present a new look at modern classic elegance. The result is a new, unique youthful style. In this collection, Nordic, African and Arabic paintings are combined with medieval European deciduous paintings and mysterious Celtic motifs. – This is a review of one of the most popular fashion publications.