Clothing not only makes us comfortable, well protected against the weather conditions or shows our social position. Clothing helps to create your unique image, your style, it is the way to express yourself. Besides and moreover clothing gives us endless opportunities to show ones way of thinking, point of view. We give to our clients this many – infinitely many – opportunities to create one’s own style and image with help of clothing in our catalogs of Pronto Moda.

Centergross Bologna is a prestigious shopping mall which is known to be one of the largest Italian commerce outlets, whose output combines cutting-edge fashion with an affordable price tag. Product warehouses are situated in Centergross Bologna. Production of such a popular segment is considered to be Pronto Moda. Proposed clothing collections are generally released in small lots and weekly update. The arrival of winter collection – at the end of the August, summer collection – at the end of the January. Discount period – from the end of the December till January and from the end of the July till August.