Seventy Vanezia’s brand history
SEVENTY VENEZIA brand appeared in the early 70’s of the last century thanks to the idea of the owner and president of the company Ca da Mosto Srl Sergio Tegon.

Initially, under this brand was made a men’s collection. The company was one of the subsidiaries of the Cerutti Group. After the 90s there was a rapid leap in development.

Two separate collections of total look were singled out – male and female. This was a great move in marketing, the sales volume of Seventy brand clothing increased.

In the 2000s, almost every season under this brand was produced more than 300 new models of clothing. A little later the second line of Seventy Vanezia women’s collection was created, focused on the younger generation.

The models of this collection were more daring and bright, emphasizing the individuality. Beautiful dresses, light blouses, trousers, warm pullovers, sweaters, jackets 7ty, raincoats, seventy coats harmoniously fit into the wardrobe of young women of fashion.

In February 2009, another important event in the history of the brand took place: the first monobrand store Seventy was opened in Milan.

Today Seventy Vanezia clothes are very popular in Italy, so most of the products are sold in the brand’s homeland. Besides, it is possible to buy seventy clothes in European countries as well – Spain, Greece, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, etc. Clothes of this brand can also be found in Japan and Canada.

Italian designers boldly experiment with various fabrics – cotton, flax, velvet, silk, cotton, nylon. The color range of the collection is dominated by natural gray-blue and beige shades and bright accents in knitwear and accessories.

A modern lady in each collection can choose a full range of clothes. This includes everyday knitwear, business suit, and cozy seventy coats and ultra-light jackets of seventy. A special place is occupied by a seventy down coat made of microfiber decorated with natural fur. In seventy shops you can buy a down coat in a variety of styles and colors.

Stylish accessories such as designer costume jewellery, lightweight silk scarves and scarves, leather bags, belts and comfortable shoes complete the look.