Box of fashion quotes.

Box of fashion quotes.

Create a cheat sheet of fashion quotes!
Famous stylists, and the best designers of fashion icons – in today’s world are legendary!

Individuality is the only brand that will never go out of fashion.

Alexander Wong is one of the youngest designers in the USA. Now he is only 25 years old, but the clothes of this brand are already sold in boutiques around the world, online stores of Alexander Wang offer delivery of things from any collection to all corners of the world. There are also own shops in the USA, Japan, China, Switzerland and Australia. But the young fashion designer, according to him, still has a lot to strive for, because “everything comes true if you live in New York.

  • Anyone can dress up spectacularly, but the way people dress in their spare time is much more interesting.
    Alexander McQueen– is a British designer who was destined to become a legend in his lifetime. Shock, art and outrage – these are the words that best describe McQueen. One of the few designers who could create a thing from sketch to finished product on his own. His skill was impressive: he could transfer the sketch to the fabric by hand, without using patterns.
  • There’s a new era in fashion, no more rules. Now it’s all about individual style, a combination of haute couture, fast fashion, classics and young designers at the same time.
    Vivienne WESTWOOD is the most famous woman designer in the UK (and one of the most famous outside), “grandmother of British punk”, ex-partner of Sex Pistols scandalous group manager and mother of Agent Provocateur, the founder of sexy lingerie brand, political and environmental activist, feminist, eccentric original, cavalry lady of the Order of the British Empire. Vivienne Westwood turned toilet and bicycle chains, English pins and locks into jewellery, cut and dyed boring clothes and sold them all in the Portobello market.

Later on, it was Westwood that made the world famous for torn jeans, t-shirts and other clothing and accessories.

    • You can wear whatever you want, as long as it looks feminine and sexy.
Victoria Beckham
Perhaps Victoria’s most beloved wardrobe item is the claw pants. She wears them everywhere and everywhere, combining them with shirts, tops in linen style and, sometimes, even with dresses. Victoria is sure to wear bright shoes anywhere. And often it is the bright shoes that become the center of her entire image.
  • I can’t concentrate on my flat shoes.
    Gianni Versace– Don’t get carried away with trends. Don’t give fashion power over yourself, decide for yourself what you want to express with your clothes and your way of life.
    – My law is not to argue with the wind, it knows where it blows, we stylists, we just have to define its direction.
    – Time flies fast, we are only sparks that want to shine as brightly as possible before they die out in the wind, clothes are shiny.
    – Jellyfish symbolizes the beauty and fatal charms of ancient Greek classics, both in art and philosophy, it is a synthesis of beauty and simplicity, which literally paralyzes and even hypnotizes.
    – Suppose there are two similar women, and appearance, and welfare and age, they differ only one, one has a dress from Versace, and the other does not, guess which of these women more often make love?
    – Fashion does not stand still, but the clothes remain the same!
    – My law is not to argue with the wind, it knows where it blows, but we stylists only have to define its direction.

John Galliano  – King of kitsch and avant-garde, master of epithets, “intensive care” fashion house “Christian Dior” – this is only a small part of the epithets, which were awarded to the fashion designer equally fans and haters. In 2011, the nicknames “tragedy man” and “fallen king” were added to them. The first collection of “African woman” became a sensation in the fashion world. Christian Dior’s style has always been associated with the femininity and silhouette of the New Look, and John presented models dressed as primitive tribeswomen to the public. The couturier was given the opportunity to create without restrictions in materials and finances. Under his leadership, the number of Christian Dior stores increased tenfold.

  • Jeans have evolved from a working form to a modern, versatile garment.
  • Giorgio Armani

    -is a great style genius, a legend in the fashion world and a talented man whose name has been a symbol of impeccable taste for decades.

  • A cheap pair of shoes is a bad economy. Don’t save on the main thing: shoes are the basis of your wardrobe.
  • Good clothes help you feel confident and improve the result of any activity.
  • The difference between style and fashion in quality.
  • The jacket is the basis of the wardrobe. It should be well sewn, sit perfectly and be cut in such a way that you feel confident and comfortable. When you’re wearing a nice jacket, the rest will come in handy.
  • A cheap pair of shoes is a bad saving. Don’t save on the main thing: shoes are the basis of your wardrobe.
  • I am glad that these days there is a desire to be elegant again. Elegance is the key to a timeless look, to something that will never go out of fashion, with which you will never go out of fashion.
  • I explain my success by the loyalty of this philosophy. For me, style is more important than short-lived fashion trends.
  • Don’t be too hard on your clothes: the most stylish people look like they’re not making any effort to look good. In the end, the style comes down to expressing oneself, and I don’t think anything can look really awful on a person who is sincere with himself.
  • Reputation is very handcuffed. I’m supposed to be a minimalist, and if I do anything else, people complain. It is better that they continue to make guesses.
  • The real luxury is to say what you think.
  • Black and dark blue are slimmer than other colors. By adhering to this color scheme, you can afford to experiment with shapes and textures.
  • Naked fashion is not for fashion designers.
  • The importance of accessories is growing these days, so invest in shoes, belts, bags, ties and the like. Then you can update your outfit over and over again. Remember the colors you wear and buy the appropriate accessories. Remember that you can wear both black and brown with grey. Watches are one of the most important things you buy, watches say a lot about a person.
  • The balance between work and life is the key to happiness. I sacrificed my life for the job, and if I could start over, I would do differently.
  • A carefully selected fragrance can be your hallmark. This is the first thing people feel when you walk into a room and the last thing that disappears when you leave.
  • You know more than you think and can know more than you know. When my business partner died in 1985, some decided that I would close the firm. Instead, I learned to do what he did.
  • Don’t underestimate your own internal strength.
  • I didn’t think about physical fitness until I was 50 years old, and then a friend told me to think about it. Now I work out at the gym for an hour a day. Exercises cheer you up, you remain energetic. They help you to concentrate and feel comfortable.
  • Be brave in your beliefs. When I experimented with cutting, it went against common ideas and methods. But I just wanted to make clothes that looked elegant and comfortable at the same time. In the end, my ideas became fashionable.
  • Choose fabrics in neutral colours, without bright patterns – they will last longer (in terms of fashion).