TUWE SS19 is dear to fame and recognition.

TUWE SS19 is dear to fame and recognition.

Tuwe Italia is a young, fairly successful brand. To buy women’s clothing in bulk is not so simple in the abundance of offers that are on the market today.


The history of this brand began in 2006. By the standards of the fashion world, this is a young brand. But every year he wins more and more fans. Since the clothing of this brand is high premium. Quality fabrics, the best designers, decent collection. And the most important harmony is the ratio of price and quality.

Summer 2019 collection is different from previous collections, more classic, bright, but not a catchy combination of colors. Lots of femininity, emphasizing sexuality.

Consider the categories in this collection. Dresses, airy and strict. Pants are sewn in the style of restrained classics, excellent fit, correct cut, the ability to choose the style for any figure. Jeans – there is a free cut, and also fitting a figure. But blouses are a terrific choice of politry and styles.


At the beginning of their journey, the Tuwe brand adhere to a restrained classic style. But every year, he keeps up with the latest fashion trends. Although today in the collections there are costumes of classic cut. But they fit so well on the figure that they will be relevant at any time, especially since many firms have an office dress code. Thus, Tuwe will be interesting both for a fashionista and for a self-sufficient woman who needs to comply with the dress code.


Interestingly, Tuwe is one of the few brands that creates its collections in Italy from beginning to end. The factory is located near Naples, the trading house in Milan itself. All designer robots, tailoring, release collections, everything happens in Italy. This gives the right to be called 100% made in italy clothing. https://wholesale-razno.info/en/brendy/

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